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Fantasy Stables is the product of Keshia and Ana Swanlund, two horse-crazy sisters.

We strive to make a realistic game for horse people to enjoy.

About the Game

Our tradition at Christmas has always been to play board games as a family. It's been our dream to make a game with real horses and realistic game play. Also one that you can enjoy at all ages.

We also wanted our game to showcase the diversity of the horse world. Part of the fun in making our game was imagining getting people excited and interested in new things to do with your horses, and to show just how much horses are capable of doing.

We're passionate about creating a USA made product. With our printer, we struck gold! They've been in business for 30 years creating board games and know how to make the very best product!

It took us about two years of designing, photographing, and game testing to bring Fantasy Stables to you!

About Us

We're Keshia and Ana, two sisters with a passion for horses and board games. We were really lucky to grow up with horses, we had our first pony when we were 5, and our passion for horses has only grown from there. Currently we own 5 horses (too many, we know!). Keshia enjoys jumping while Ana is passionate about driving.

Our Experience

We've had horses since we were young kids and competed in 4H, showing in just about everything. In our teenage years we also became interested in horse knowledge competitions through 4-H, both of us making it to the Nationals level, which exposed us to a lot of different aspects of the horse world and also gave us the ability to make our game as accurate as possible.

Ana the Designers's Photo Keshia the Business Manager's Photo

Keshia's photo by KJW Photography

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