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Junior Edition Reviews

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We purchased the Fantasy Stables junior version at Equine Affaire and are having a great time playing the game with friends and family.

Thank you so much for creating this game!

From Angie S. On April 20, 2015

We bought the junior edition for our 8 & 10 Yr old daughters. We cracked it open tonight and played it for the first time! It was great fun. They were both able to play without difficulty and really enjoyed the game. One of them said, "It's like real life on the ranch." Thank you for a great game!

From Sara O. On Feb 26, 2015

I got this game about a day ago and have played Fantasy Stables twice already! I love buying and selling the horses. It is just like real life. I am waiting for the new cards this spring!

From Claire On Feb 20, 2015

Regular Edition Reviews

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We are at a barrel racing clinic this weekend. I bought the game at equine affaire and busted it out this weekend. While the kids are off the horses, they are having a blast playing the game!!

From LeeAnn J. On May 1, 2015

Hi Ladies.

We met at the Arabian Show in Scottsdale, AZ this year. My 7 year old daughter is horse crazy and intends to become a vet when she gets older. I imagine she probably will. We picked up your regular game. I was hesitant to get the regular version over the junior version. My main hesitation was - would it be too complicated for my 7 year old? Well the short answer is yes and no. We started out playing a revised version and slowly added the more in depth rules. By the fifth time playing she was out strategizing all the adults (fairly - not because we let her). We are trying to teach the rules to one of my other homeschool kids who is 6 months older and she is not as horse crazy and is finding it to be too complicated for her.

So, my advice to other parents considering this game for their family. No one knows your kids better. If you have young ones that breath and sleep horses and are logic strong then go for the regular game and just play into the rules slowly. If this doesn't describe your kid(s) then start with the junior version.

The game is fantastic!!! Can't wait for the booster packs!!

My daughter's only complaint is that she keeps becoming Jim and he doesn't get paid on any of the "Expense" cards. My comments would be to maybe include a starter rule guide for those just opening the box to warm them up to it. (Note from FS Team: We now have the Quickplay Rules to help you learn to play!)

I am so thankful for all of the work you Ladies put into this game. It is truly remarkable!! Easily the BEST board game I have ever played!!

From Kariann N. On April 29, 2015


My name is Kim Beck and I'm writing to you because my husband and I purchased your game at the Equine Affaire in Columbus Ohio (literally, yesterday). We played with my grown son and his fiance as soon as we arrived home from the Affaire at around 11pm (Yep, we also went to the Fantasia). After a long and exhausting day we still stayed awake until 2am playing your game. This morning we pulled it out and played again.

In short, it's awesome and addictive! I went to your website today to write a long comment about how wonderful this game is but sadly I was unable to find a comment section or 'review' section on the site. It's possible that I missed it but if not I wanted to send you a personal note telling you just how pleased we were with the game and how much we love it!

We have found Fantasy Stables to be both accurate as well as fun and addictive. I loved the diversity and found myself collecting the horses that were in my discipline. Indeed, with the variety of different horses on the cards we found ourselves collecting the 'pretty' horses or special breed favorites. The concept is great.

We were a little concerned when we first opened it up and began reading the rules that it would be too complicated to get much fun out of. After trying to read the rules for about 15 minutes we simply decided to start the game and use the rulebook as reference when needed. That was the key and within minutes we were playing along. So, if there was any suggestion I would make it would likely be to tell folks in the 'quick start' section to simply reference the rule book as you play. The game becomes very clear in that format. Trying to read the rules first simply confused us :) (Note from FS Team: We now have the Quickplay Rules to help you learn to play!)

Anyway, I wanted to send you a note and tell you that we really enjoy the game so much more than normal board games. For horse people I would give this game 5 stars.

From Kim B. On April 10, 2015